Since 2003, Joji Ishizaka (Nagasaki University, presently Nagoya University, Japan) and Yu-Hwan Ahn (Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute, presently Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Korea) started bilateral workshop, Korea-Japan Workshop on Ocean Color (KJWOC).  The workshop was held every year either in Japan or Korea for last 9 years, and participants including students from many organizations from both countries were participated.  Research on ocean color remote sensing, optics and primary production in the East Asian Marginal Seas were mostly discussed to enhance collaborations.  Scientists from other Asian countries were sometimes participated, and specifically in 2011 KJWOC was held as Asian Workshop on Ocean Color, AWOC, by the efforts of Takafumi Hirata (Hokkaido University, Japan).  Here, in 2013, Cheng-Chien Liu (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan) will host AWOC to Taiwan.

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